Personal data protection

This website is operated by GLOBAL SPORTS, a.s.. The aim of our website is to be the main useful source of information about our company. Below you will find a summary of how we protect your privacy when you visit our website.

What information is collected?

The information on our website is collected in two ways:

(1) indirectly (for example, with the help of the technology used on our website); and
(2) directly (for example, if you personally provide us with information through various forms on our website)

For what purpose do we use the information that is provided?

We analyse the information so we can find out what is most effective on our website and to identify ways to improve it.

Do we exchange your data with external partners?


How do we handle sensitive data?

In general, we try not to collect sensitive data on our website. If we do seek to collect such data we will ask you for your consent for the intended use of this data. By providing unsolicited sensitive data you give us permission to use it in accordance with applicable law, as described in this data protection statement. “Sensitive data” means various categories of personal data identified by European and Czech data protection laws requiring special treatment and under certain circumstances also obtaining explicit consent. Registered users of the website can look at the recorded data through editing forms.

What about data security?

We take the appropriate measures to maintain data security on our website.

Is there anything else you would like to know?

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